Friday, June 22, 2007

Anyone going to party?
I'm still contemplating..

as in like you know how shy I am..
plus I know no one there. and no one knows me there.
like totally werid lah!!!

but then again.. it'll be great. I mean I can say the meanist thing and no one will know who I am. :P


  1. I'm going!!

    Come lah. There is always a first time. Trust me. Alot of people also scare of coming cause they don't know anyone in the group. But if you don't come, you will never have the chance to get to know the people there.

    Come come...

  2. go la! im going. im new too! :) my first outing too. yeah. like dk says, there is always a first. see u there!!

  3. I'm going too. You don't wanna miss out DK's bartop dance, do you?

    BTW, we'll be having loads of freebies, so do join us!

  4. ya, just come la... my first time was a little bit awkward too as i didn't know anyone but my gf there. trust me, is a great bunch of people!

  5. Yup pls do come :) we will definitely love to have you there

  6. DK, uzyn, daphne maia, hendri & arzhou.

    I've decided to go.. my boyfriend has been nominated for awards mah. I must be there right? :P