Sunday, June 24, 2007

How to save money when shopping online.

I've always wanted to buy some items from other countries.
but since I don't have the money to go oversea, I normally would look for their online shop and hope that they do international shipping.

but you know how expensive international shipping is right?
So I learn to use coupon codes!

My favorite shopping spot for deals with online coupons codes is

And what's my favorite online store to shop at with coupon codes?
It's benefit cosmetics! Using the coupons I found at, I can get Free shipping on non-US orders over $85.

Shipping rates for benefit cosmetics to Europe & Asia (International shipping) is $4.99 plus $2.49 per item

Let's say I share 5 items with a friend, so the shipping charges would be
US[$4.99 + (5X2.49)]= US$17.44 / SG$26.16
The amount I save on shipping would be $26.16!

So remember, next time you wanna buy stuffs online, check out online coupons for coupons to save your hard earned money. =)

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