Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Look at this photo, and tell me.

What's wrong with these people???

Gave them a letter box that can keep out of junk-mail, yet they choose not to "lock" it and then when they receive junk-mails, they throw them on the floor. -.-
The rubbish bin is at the side, yet they just wouldn't use it.
honestly, what's wrong???


  1. It's just Singaporeans practicing dual standards. Keep own house clean, and then let others clean up for you in public.

  2. One thing to add, sometimes the junk mails are placed by Singpost, which can bypass the anti-junkmail lock thingy.

  3. Even though you lock the mailbox, sometimes you still can find small pieces of junk mail inside.

    The locking mechanism is not 100% fool proof.

  4. Brennan
    Totally. Like what's teh dustbin for? deco?

    hmm.. I haven got any junkmail since I use the lock. Must remember to ask my postman when I see him. Haven seen him for a long time..

    oh. then I must go think of a good 100% fool proof way.

  5. inconsiderate people..

  6. Sam

    Yah lah. What if some old people fall down cause he/she slipped on a piece of junk-mail?

  7. Ya.. This happens at my apartment's mailbox too..the junk mail will be everywhere..and nobody will sweep it.. in the end, it becomes dirty and untidy.. btw, thanks for dropping at my blog.. :)

  8. This litter is cause by citizens meh? I'm shocked that the people who work for the advertisers (or whatever you call them) don't even cross our minds.

  9. Voxy
    Then I wonder why the people who work for the advertisers don't little at my block. because my block super clean leh. maybe once in a while got 1 or 2 piece of paper.

    P.S. this is another block, I walk past it about 2times a day. =)