Sunday, June 3, 2007

Telescopes are boring?

Want a telescope..
that's fun, interactive, multimedia?
that's hand-held?
that locates and identifies celestial objects in the beautiful night sky?
that's easy to use and understand?
that's computerized and you have the ability to control?

Meade mySKY is the newest and coolest astronomy gadget, proudly present by Meade and

Featuring a full-color LCD screen, Meade mySky Personal Sky Navigator 04540 is clearly the best. It's simple to use and no knowledge of the night sky is needed! mySky aligns itself without any input from the user. All you have to do is turn it on, point it at a celestial object, and pull the trigger to identify planets, stars, nebula, galaxies and more – over 30,000 objects!!!

The new Meade MySKY is an easy-to-use multi-media device that will guide you through the night sky better than if you had your own private astronomer standing next to you. Meade’s patented technology allows the mySKY to out perform every other hand held night sky exploration device on the market.

With easy to follow video menu, Meade My Sky is simple to operate.
Everyone will love MySKY, not only for a young astronomer or curious student, but for anyone who is interested in the latest technology, gadgets, science, or unusual gift ideas!

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