Friday, June 22, 2007

food post.

photos of food ahead..
don't want to be tempted? come again later..

I bought at Bugis the cold storage I think... it's not really nice. :(

I was trying to save money so I bough my own food to eat during lunch at my workplace..
Can you guess what I had for lunch on 19th, 20th and 21st June 2007?

Yes, it's cup noddles!
19th June: Cup noodles.

& FREE Milo from the office drink vending machine.
The one on the left is cold, the one on the right is warm.
and it's free! =)

20th June: Cup noodles and dumpling.

I scared I would be hungry like day 1, so I bought along 1 dumpling.

21st June: I am really stubborn. I know. but I'm really not as rich as some people think I am.

Some auntie (saw me eating the same cup noodles 3 days in a row, told me not to eat too much cup noodles, it's not good for health..

So I bought all these on Thursday..

I bought the magazine because I like the silver bag. I bought it to work today! =)

This is what I had on Friday 22nd (also known as Jeans day) *happy*

So why did I try to scrim when I just got my first pay (pathetic after CPF deduction), not long ago?
1) I treated someone to something nice last week.
2) I'm paying for my own transport and lunch now..

and what's that something nice???
I'll let the photos do the talking...

brown rice green tea, which took away my headache. =)

Special crane..

The lucky fella. :P

Fish salad. A cat's dream.

argh.. I'm so so so hungry. :(

What's this cute little thing?



He's spread..

The fruits are sweet. =)

We're so poor we had to take shuttle bus..

hmmm.. maybe I should get a weekend part-time job..
then at least I wouldn't have to try to scrim until everyday eat cup noodles. :(

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