Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I've got a twitter too!

Chat box, tag-board or whatever you call that thing has been removed.
No one tags, use it anyway, it's just wasting space on my precious blog loh..

I added a twitter. It shows what my friends and I are doing.
It's fun because I can quit blogging unnecessarily. you know those 1-2 liners without photo?

By now, you all must have notice the photo thingy on top?
I added this slide show thingy just now. My boy boy says he missed those photos scrolling on my blog. I used to edit my photos, upload it onto a image hosting site and then put on my blog. With some simple html, my photo scrolls across my blog.

Now I just use slide.com to create my own mini slide-show and post the code given. =)


  1. i thought the tagboard is useful at times.. just my 2cents.. *shrug*

  2. without the tagboard, people are "forced" to comment. =)