Friday, June 29, 2007

Stop showing off!!!

I should stop blogging about the good stuffs.
or maybe I should stop blogging all together.

but why should I stop doing something I love because people are "envy-ing" me?

Sometime ago, Miss XYZ tried to ruin my life.
My blog posts seemed to have somehow lead her to think that I lead a sweet, peaceful, wonderful pampered life. She feels that my boyfriend and I don't deserve to enjoy whatever we're enjoying now. our lives.

I know she's unhappy..
I can't teach anyone how to make themselves happy but I can tell you how I made myself happy. =)

To be happy, I work hard, really hard.

I have no money, so I went to find jobs. even if they pay me lesser than what I wanted, as long as they don't mistreat me, I would still work.

Those who remembered, 10th June was my last day as a sales associate and I worked until at night. The next morning, 11th June, I woke up super early and start work at an office in Bugis. I only had a few hours of rest.

Some people commented asked, why am I working so hard? why do I make myself suffer?
To me, it's call putting in the effort to make myself happy.

I scrim and save on lunch so that I can afford to pamper myself once in a while, on better food like salmon fish. For lunch, I normally bring my own cup noddles, sometimes even bring leftovers from dinner the day before. Leftover food, would you eat? Most of the kids my age would probably have never tasted leftovers before.

When I manage to live with only 80cents in my wallet for 4days straight, I'm very happy.
I know it makes me happy, so I don't mind eating cheap cakes and cup noodles.

see. how hard it is right?
I save the money and spend most of them on weekends when I go out with my boyfriend.
Yes you heardread it right. Sometimes I pay for my own meals but I always pay for my own shopping. I know my boyfriend doesn't earn a lot, so I use my own cash when I feel like buying anything. Almost everyone I know, thinks that I'm the kind of girl who spends parents and boyfriend money. I'm hurt. really hurt.

Whenever I say I'm broke, everyone will ask me to ask my boyfriend to get whatever I want for me. but HELLO. if I tell you I'm richer than him, would you believe? STOP thinking all girls are gold diggers. or every cute girl(me!), lives off other people!

argh. I don't care anymore. Think whatever you wanna think lah.
If you think I'm lying.. I also cannot do anything right?

Whatever it is, having money makes me happy, so does shopping. So you really got to find out what makes you happy, and start working towards it.

Nothing beats getting results for the effort you put in.

and hor.. to Miss XYZ: all couples fight lah. My boyfriend and I nearly broke up more than 5 times in the pass 35months we've been together. I didn't blog about it or never mention it doesn't mean we're all lovely dopey and always agree with each other. In fact we disagree with each other's opinion VERY often one loh..

People says 家丑不可外延.
I think it's something like that bah.
I believe that complaining to third parties whenever my relationship is on the rocks will not only not help, it'll make matters worse. So throughout the 35 months, any unhappiness I normally wait till we're alone, then trash it out with my boyfriend.

No third party involved = less problems.

oops. I got carried away. :P


  1. I used to camp the supermarket near my place at 6am (back in Philadelphia) for the leftover food that was sold at 99cents per pack :p

  2. chris, hope everything solves itself all right. i miss you loads too, haven been meeting you for so long. missed the times we spent shopping. its been 3 yrs le, you and your bf can go thru anything and come out fine one. dont worry too much k.

  3. arzhou
    Your leftover food is the food leftover from what people ate?

    My is leftover food is from my whole family, (after they ate, they leave the food until the next day then wash the plates/bowls), so I sercretly pack their leftovers for lunch early in the morning. Unless my dad finishes everything, then I have to eat out or eat cup noddles loh.

    I miss you also lah.. when are we going shopping? GSS over le lah! :(

  4. I wonder why people get so worked up with what you blogged about your boyfriend.

    I thought it's better to see a friend happy than sad, unless..she's not a friend at all.

  5. Nonnie King
    guess we're not really that close... then again, I don't really have many close friends.. :(