Thursday, June 7, 2007

Should guys be allowed in ladies fitting room?

My short stink with XXX company, gave me the chance to see many different types of people.
"dirty old men", "ugly gold-diggers", unreasonable customers, just to name a few...

Generally most customers, paying or non-paying, are nice. I mean they say their Thank Yous and they try to understand when we explain our rules and stuffs.

and then, there are some...
who treats us like slaves, look down on us and shout at us as if we've stepped on their tail or something.

I've met my fair share of unreasonable people but the one I met today, was crazy. I tell you.
Normally if customers are angered when we cannot allow them to bring in more than 3 pieces (esp when there's a queue), I can understand their frustration.

but the couple I met today really takes the cake.
The girl came into our fitting room, noticing that there are available rooms (other fitting rooms are packed), she call out to her husband outside to come in.
When her dear hubby steps in, I had to do my job and 1) apologize 2) tell him he cannot come in.
So he shouted "why he cannot go in" at me.
I was shocked, but still explained to him that this is the ladies fitting room and guys are not allowed.
He shouted some-more and insist that he should be allowed in as he is his wife's husband. -.-
I explain some-more than I cannot allow him to go in because there are ladies who need our help in zipping their clothes and stuffs and it's not appropriate for him to be there.

He say that he'll be in the room with the wife and that he never have this kind of problem for all the times he's been to our company's fitting room..
Since he said that, I have nothing else to say. Whatever the policy was before the sale (eg. before I was hired), I wouldn't know. but all I know was not a single soul walked up to help me. No one tried to help me explain. Leaving me there like I'm the one being unreasonable.

He move forward, using his huge body and voice to intimidate me and when I moved a little, he walked into the fitting room.

boy, was I angry.
so angry that I cried.
useless I may sound.
but what to do.
when a lady is hurt, she drop tears.

anyway, I just want to know what's your view on guys inside ladies fitting rooms.
and if we allow guys in ladies fitting rooms, should we allow guys in the female toilets too? since they can be in the same cubicle also mah?


  1. you need help.

    you definitely do.

    guys shouldn't be allowed in. Why cant the wife/girlfriend come out?

    i think the ladies need some privacy and should feel safer when there's no guys in the fitting room areas!

    just my two cents. i'm a guy, btw.

  2. terrible guy.. of coz men shouldn't be allowed lah..

    i hate it.. who knows what they do inside :P

  3. you should tell them, "if you step any further in, don't blame me inviting security here..." lol.

  4. Felix ker
    yes! privacy!
    Thanks for pointing that out.

    Eileen. 静
    I don't really care what they do inside, unless they disturb other customers, let other customers feel uncomfortable/uneasy/unsafe.

    I wish I could. but..

    1) Customer is always right!

    2) The "policy" is not written anywhere and I've no "prove" to say guys are not allowed in the ladies fitting room.

    3) I don't hold any big post. I'm just a temporary part-timer. If I made customer angry, my manager/supervisor will scold me lah.

  5. First off, in response to the question, I'd say 'no' in general. We don't want no strange men entering the changing rooms where our wives and girlfriends are trying on clothes, do we?

    However, if there's explicit acknowledgment from the sals staff that a man was asked by his wife or girlfriend to enter the changing room with her, then I don't see any problem with it.

    The issue, therefore, is all about whether it's a permissible entry or an illegal trespass.

    I personally have been in the same changing room with my wife when she tried on clothes in several major departmental stores, and have had no problems with the sales staff. Most of the time my wife is the one who tells the sales staff that I am entering the room with her, and that allays their fear that I could be some perverted trespasser.

    If the sales staff insists that I stay outside, I comply. After all, we have to be mindful of whether the other women might be uncomfortable with a strange man in their midst.

  6. baby,

    what you did or said was absolutely right. And I stand by you as your boyfriend and a guy.

    It is absurbe. so what if they are husband and wife? its all about the others who is also in other rooms. are they his wife? the answer is now. so what if the wife is agreeable? Is the other ladies in the other rooms agreeable?

    That's how insensitive he is. So you are right.

  7. There are some boutiques in Brunei that ban guys from entering the fitting room.. Just in know.

  8. "The customer is always right" is a load of bulls. It's just a myth...

    Rules are rules. Abide by them. Seriously. What's his problem? I cannot think of any reason why he would want to be in the dressing room. To touch his wife all over? They think small spaces are sexual and romantic?

    Here in conservative Singapore, they set rules in the company to avoid possible unwanted sexual advances. These two people are such a poor representation of the population of consumers in Singapore, I hope they die in a car crash.

    I'm a guy. And I don't tolerate fuckers like them.

  9. Sicarii
    Yes. If ALL the other customers don't mind, I wouldn't mind too (as long as I'm not the one trying clothes/bra/whatsoever).

    However, most people are still very conservative. (statistic shown by the amount of complains we get about guys in ladies fitting rooms.)

    baby, I know whatever I say you also say correct one leh. :P

    I have to say, our fitting rooms are quite huge. :P

    but a lot of ladies while trying clothes/bras... would open their doors and ask for our assistance. be it zipping up, zipping down, give our opinions on colour/fitting/style, or to look for another size for them.

    I cannot imagine when a customer opens her the door (slightly) and peek her head out to call for assistance and a guy walks by with his wife and accidentally sees the other lady in her most vulnerable moment.

    Would you want that to happen to your wife/girlfriend/daughter? Maybe some people are into that kind of stuffs..

  10. You shouldn't have let him enter. There are other ladies in there besides the "wife"

    If you meet this kind of customer again. Just keep repeating the sentence. "Guys are not allowed into the ladies changing room" Till the idiot gets what you are trying to put it across to him.

    This kind of people usually will try to make a big scene. Be firm. Why should you let him get away with it when he is in the wrong?