Sunday, June 24, 2007


I've heard so many people talking/blogging/playing secondlife. I'm really curious what's the whole deal about.

Then, I even heard that playing secondlife can give me real money!
So on Friday night, the money-faced, greedy me downloaded the game, and even created an account named Uglyfatchick Yoshikawa. (Such a cool name right?)

Yesterday was Saturday, so I thought I should take a break (after vacuuming my room and changing my bedsheets and pillow case).

I click on the game..
and you know what?

When I tried to play the game, my computer crashed 2 times! :(

First time it crashed, my computer restarted itself.
The second time, I restarted my computer and then deleted the game.

Guess I'm better off earning money thru Payperpost, Blogsvertise, Adbux & EmailCashPro.
(By the way, my advertlets account has RM$0.30! hahas.)

At least they won't crash my lousy computer. :(


  1. yup!!the 2ndlife too big file!!
    i also kena too!!have to delete the download!!!

  2. Wahseh. Seems like your making money with your blog. Unlike me.

  3. Wenn:
    No choice. My computer is >3 years old already. :(

    Nonnie King:
    But I really wanna be as funny as you. and have as many readers as you. really.