Sunday, June 17, 2007

I've got US$29 in my paypal account!

I receive US$4 from Blogsvertise and US$25 (for 2 post) from Payperpost.

I've decided to revile how much I've received in brackets at the sidebar, together with the total amount that "I've made".

Payperpost: US$119.35 (25.00)
Blogsvertise: US$37.50 (4.00)
Adbux: $2.26
EmailCashPro: S$0.54
Total: US$159.11 (29.00)

I've never felt so proud of myself before.
I'm finally seeing the effort I put into blogging, paying off.

you can do it too!

imagine, if I get about US$25/month and I save all these money up.. by the end of the year
6X25X1.5(rate)= SG$225!

$225 may seem very little to many people.
but it's my pocket money for a month. and since I start working and get miserably low pay, I have to start feeding myself too. :(
That's if I put in little effort..

If I put in more effort, spend all of my free time trying to get more Links/Love, improve my page rank and do lots of post, I might even save enough to pay my own phone and Internet bills for a couple of months!
6X50X1.5(rate)= SG$450!

I'm a happy little chick. =)