Sunday, June 24, 2007

Need to reserve hotel for a vacation with your friends and/or family?

In Singapore, with internet in most of the household, paying for stuffs online becomes a common thing. Currently there are even sites that allows us to make hotel reservation online!

Let me introduce to you a efficient and cool Hotel Reservation site. allows their users to make Hotel Reservation at up to 70% off!

What's makes it better than most reservation sites is that includes car rental, flight rental, vacation reservations and vacation package reservation too! This makes it a 1 stop reservation center for everyone to explore and they also promises their users of many perks and huge discount!

Before that money problem came into our life, my boyfriend and I were actually planning to travel to Taiwan at the end of the year. However, now with the problem HOT on our heels I can only hope that we'll get a chance to visit Taiwan 2 years later. Anyway, my darling went through the Taiwan hotels listed in and find that its really cheaper than most of the sites we've seen!
So for Cheap Hotels, you may try!

How about bookings for vacation packages? has 4 different free-n-easy packages for people who wanted to arrange for their own tour in places like Hawaii, Major US cities and London!

These 4 package are:
(1) Flight + Hotel,
(2) Flight + Hotel + Car,
(3) Hotel + Car,
(4) Flight + Car.

What does these mean?
It simply meant that it caters for all tourists!
Whether you are going on a backpack travel, or on an after duty tour, or even a normal tour.

If you are to travel to London, how would all 4 mode caters to your needs?
If you want to explore London on London’s public transport, Flight + hotel would be enough for you.
If you want to drive on your own, Flight + Hotel + car would have fitted your needs.
If you are staying in Europe or within London, Hotel + car caters specially to you.
And if you intend to stay with your friends or relative in London, you can easily pick up a Flight + Car package!

With all these packages, you don't pay extra for things you might not need!

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