Sunday, June 3, 2007

No Internet connection how to blog?

I didn't had internet connection for > 24hrs and I felt like I'm going crazy!

Currently I'm using M1's dunno what plan.
It's under my boyboy's name. and I feel really bad. He arh.. own bills already so much liao, still want to pay my Internet bill.

He signed up for the 18months plan and this is free! =)

Pardon the blur photo. I'll show you how slim it is soon! =)
I think it's K3. (lazy to check the box. :P)

This thing is very expensive leh. :(

Anyway, I thought really hard and have decided to pay him using what I earn online.
So... hopefully I get more links and my page rank goes up and I get more opportunity to blog, then I get more money to pay for my own Internet bills! =)

PS: I'm looking for TEMP data entry jobs that pays min $6.50 per hour and is around south/central area. Thanks! I can start work from next Monday.

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