Tuesday, June 12, 2007

sore throat, new job, CPF & love...

I hate illness.
I hate being sick and not able to take MC even more.

I can take MC lah (i think), just that my new job is such that once I take leave for a day, I might not have time to breath for the whole week. :p
(exaggerating queen: you know what I mean lah..)

oh. yes! talk about my new job..
I've got an office job. 0830-1730. 5 days a week.
Always thought working could "lighten" some of my burdens and help out with my money problems. doesn't seem to help much at all lah. :(

I forget there's such thing call CPF.
and forget that food and transport is so much more expensive outside.

I miss my boyfriend.
and someone is trying to break us up.

ah.. talking about boyfriend..
congrats to my beloved sister on finding true love..
you know who you are lah huh.. =)

alright. I got to go sleep le. Nights everyone..


  1. Sorry to hear that you're sick:o(
    Get well soon!

  2. Oh my gosh.. who so bad want to break you and your bf up?

    Come, *row on sleeve and take my rolling pin*, bring me to him/her.

  3. Young Werther
    Thanks. I hope I'll get well soon. You drink lots of water too k.. =)

    Nonnie King
    hahahas. Thanks Nonnie! Don't worry. She manage to make our relationship stronger. =)

  4. rest well n try drink mre herbal tea bah =) jus those canned Jia Jia brand one 'll help i believe lols.. anyway hope u recover fully,get well soon =D

    woo tt gd to hear.. stime ned to go thru "tests" to learn mre hw to cherish each other

  5. jas
    Thanks! I think the tea got help.. =)