Monday, June 18, 2007

what should I buy for a guy?

I'm totally lost lah. :(
Can give me some ideas?

but I have a budget lah, cause it's for end of next month and I haven really started saving, so maybe I suffer a bit and eat 1 month of cup noodles and try not to buy anything loh..

yes, it's for someone very special to me.
so please don't ask me to buy stuffs like friendship band or stuffs like that. :P


  1. Tough one to answer.

    As a guy, I seldom know what to buy myself for my birthday and other occasions, lol!

    So many choices for women, yet very very few for guys.

  2. lols gifts for guys..e usual stuff wld b lk wallet, belt, t-shirt/shirt bah

  3. The usual one will be shirt, belts, ties, wallet and stuffs like that.

    Of course, you can always make something yourself like cards and cakes.

    Gah..boy's stuffs are damn hard to buy lah. Either too expensive or too normal.

  4. How much do you intend to spend..a classy gift that he will use (and remember you) everyday is a nice pen with his name engraved.

  5. How old is your guy?

    You should consider something practical and yet sweet. Example will be like if his wallet is a old and smelly one. Or he need a new work briefcase or a mp3 player.


  6. Sicarii
    wah.. a guy also duno what to get already.. die liao die liao. :(

    wallet and shirt got before le, he doesn't use belt (too fat. :P) Thank anyway! =)

    Nonnie King
    LOLs. He don't wear ties one..
    He don't like me to do stuffs for him. *my handicraft not nice also lah.. make for him, he also dun dare to say it's ugly. but he always say he can make better than me. -.-)*
    yah loh. Totally agree!!! Either too expensive or too normal!!!

    Young Werther
    *great minds think alike*
    I actually asked him before (about a couple of weeks ago..) Too bad, He doesn't really get to use pen. and he rather use those pens that's avaliable at his workplace.

    Fredrick Lim
    He seldom use his mp3 player so I don't think another mp3 player would be a good idea. Thanks anyway. =)