Friday, July 25, 2008

$100 Red Packet is not enough!!!

As reported on 23rd July's Wan Bao (Chinese Newspaper).

The Pricelist.

Someone please bring me some medical oil I think I'm going to ....


  1. yup..
    not cheap roh!last last time one table only $700 and $800..
    now is from $800 to $1000!!!
    getting marry is not Cheap!!we guest have to give enough $$$ to help the couple cover the wedding roh..

    me going to wedding dinner on nov..

  2. Congrates! :)
    I don't know when's my wedding dinner loh. Only hope the price don't rise too much. :(

  3. haha..i dun hv wedding dinner my own ah.keke..marry for 8yr..and dun intend to have it ah.

    the price for the hotel will RISE each year!!!!so better start early saving and marry EARLY!!

  4. We still saving leh. Don't know take how long to save enough loh. :(