Thursday, July 3, 2008

My little blue friend to keep the blues away..

Recently, this blue friend of mine spends more nights with me than my boyfriend does!


My little blue friend.

Nope.. up till now, I have yet to give it a name..
I think I'm just call my little blue friend, DS.
Just like how Hubby calls his slim white friend, PSP. :P

I bought DS from a Primary School classmate for SGD250.00.

I thought for many many many many months and just when I decide I don't want to spend too much on entertainment.. My friend went to put up an "ad" on friendster, looking for buyer for her DS! Asked her a couple of questions, and I bought it! It's an impulse purchase!

Regrets? I had some. I would be lying if I say I never had regrets.

*photo removed*
I think $250 is expensive but for something as entertaining as this, it's worth it.

*photo removed*
When I had super long bus rides that last more than 1 hour, DS's my best friend.

*photo removed*
When I can't fall asleep at night, DS tells me exciting "bedtime stories".

*photo removed*
Sometimes, I get so addicted in a certain puzzle game, I can totally forget to eat dinner, shower and call hubby.

*photo removed*
Should I paint it pink or something? :p

Uglyfatchick with messy hair and tiny eyes, hiding behind DS.

I'm sorry you've seen me in a mess.
No. I'm not born with big round eyes, super long lashes and good skin.
In fact, I look so ugly in real life that got people scold me for being the ugliest women in the world loh.


  1. LOL!
    You named your DS, DS. How creative. HHAHAHHa. Just kidding.

    And yes, go create your own skins and wallpaper. I thought the original with R4 looks really ugly.

  2. yah. lazy to think of names.. maybe I call my daughter, nu er and son, er zi. :p I thought it's a bit ugly too. hahas.