Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm lusting over..

Razr2 V9
It's $599 or something!!!

Huge reminder to self: (DO NOT GIVE UP)

Dear all,
I'm looking for a new clamshell phone without line/contract.

-Needs to have bluetooth and/or memory card.
-No need to include mp3 player.
-No need games.
-Must be able to make calls, send sms and mms.
-A simple 2-mp camera will do.
-Plus point it's it's small sized/for lady.

I'm down to 4 old phone models.

Sony Ericsson Z520i
Samsung SGH-E530C
Nokia 7390
(RED) Motorola RAZR V3xx

Please let me know if you've used, or heard of anyone's reviews on any of these phones..
Or if you know of anyone selling any of these phone in very good conditions at low price, please inform me. Thanks! :)


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