Saturday, July 19, 2008

Uglyfatchick's secret "weapon".

Short note: Just back from mini shopping trip with a girl friend. Ate sinful MacDonald's, got a cute cup and bought undies. :p Just to share some joy. We've an age difference of about 18 years, yet we can talk about anything in the world. Alright, about 99% of anything in the world. :)

Okay, back to topic...
Yes, I admit I have pretty bad skin.
If any of my photos look like I've nice skin, it's fake.

Yes, it's FAKE!
It's either Makeup or Makeup plus a tiny bit of photo editing.

By tiny, I really do mean TINY.
Just a click. 1 mini tiny click. :)

Those using Picasa to edit their photos might be familiar with this wonderful feature called "glow".

Argh.. I just told the whole world my secret weapon! :(

Just one click and I instantly look like I've glowing skin!!!

The downside?
Some people thinks that the glow function makes me look fatter. :(