Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wanna win 1 Year's Supply of Makeup?

Click Here!

I know. this post is like so random and stupid when I just write click here. -.-
But I really don't know what else to write leh? :p
Maybe I should add in some random stuffs?

Some random stuffs I bought online & received them 2 weeks ago.

Package A

Package B

Doesn't this looks familiar?? (Here)

Ta-da~ I finally found and bought Kate Gel Eyeliner in BK1!!!
Couple of days later, I realise there's this counter (in Singapore) carrying Kate Gel Eyeliner.
At SGD23 per poppot, it's not dirt cheap but honestly I think it's really worth it. :p.

Hubby says I look damn nice with jeans, makeup and this jacket. :p

Remember in my previous post where I include a couple of random camwhore pics?
Yes, this is the Jacket! Cost me SGD9.50 (including normal postage).
Don't you love it when you buy things at not very high price and yet it looks fab on you?
I love love love love love online shopping!

I also love offline shopping lah. :p
That random shopping stuffs in another post.
Bleah. I'm tired.
I should go orh-orh (means sleep) le.
Nights beautiful but yet not so beautiful world..


  1. and I thought the "Kate Gel Eyeliner Vs Canmake Liquid Eyeliner" was a laptop battery :(

  2. HELLO ! ;D , happen to blog hop until your blog . nice blog anyway . you still remember me ? the one you saw at pasir ris ! ;D

  3. Young Werther: Laptop battery??? LOL...

    Daphne: Hi!!! *waves*
    Didn't know you're so young.. Now I feel so old. :p