Tuesday, July 29, 2008

uglyfatchick is happy happy happy.

Random camwhore photo of yours truly.

The past 2 days, did 2 things I've not done in my entire life (up to now I mean). :p

On Sunday, I went all the way to Pasir Ris to find a female blogger, just to experience something new. She's really nice and since it's my first time, I'm going to blog an entry about it. But that will only happen when I get the photos from her and also that the photos look see-able. ok? :p

The other thing happened on Monday.
I was woken up early in the morning at what 7.30am? To wash up, change and travel all the way to Bishan!!! This also would be an separate entry, after I resized the photos and maybe post a short video.

Anyway I'm also suppose to update 2 entries on my 3rd and 4th pack of free samples but I'm feeling so bloody lazy. :(

Yes, the mole is real. Not drawn on one lah! -.-

Smiley eyes.

Look I've got present in the mail! :)

From my beloved ShaXiaoMei! Thanks Mei! I love it! *muackz*

I was telling hubby that the keychain looks like me loh.
A bit like my old hairstyle. So cute de.
Then he said: "yah the peace handsign look like you." -.-''
How come I got this kind of boyfriend ah???

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