Monday, July 7, 2008 is like a directory for shopping.

When you search for stuffs on most shopping sites, you will only find stores that paid for "advertising" or "placement".

ShopWiki find every store on the Internet by crawling through, like Google, so users can find almost anything and everything for sale on the net. Being able to find more products also means you can find more good deals and save more. :)

I love their gift guides!
The one I adore most it's their Gift Guides for Any Occasion!

They even have guides for Apology Gifts!
These gift guides are pretty useful when I'm looking for presents for my mummy, daddy, hubby, brothers, sisters, friends, not-so-close friends and colleagues.

In their Birthday Gifts guide, there's a Guide to Birthday Flowers & Gemstones. To make a birthday gift more meaningful, you can get the recipient flowers for the month in which he or she was born.

This message is bought to you by the nice people at :)

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