Thursday, July 3, 2008

Zookoda (Free Application)

No, it's not a new movie.

So, What's Zookoda?
It's an Email Marketing Application designed just for bloggers!

Huh? What does an Email Market Application do?
This application would enable you to send a summary (kinda like newsletter) of your latest blog entries into your reader's email inbox. You can even choose to have it sent daily, weekly, monthly or even one-off (entering a specific date and time)!

How much does it cost?
It's Free! Yes, you've heard it right.It's Free!
An Email Marketing Application that's Free!

So what else can I do with this Zookoda?
Wow, where do I begin.. With Zookoda..
You can manage subscribers of your newsletter
"Value-add" your blog with "special" newsletter subscription forms
Design attention-grabbing yet professional newsletters to match your pretty blog designs
Get real-time (LIVE) reports on your email (newsletters) success and visitor habits!

Do I really need it?
No. I would be lying if I say it's a MUST for you to register and you will NEED it.
But I'm sure you'll want it after reading what I've got to say.

As a blogger, or maybe a content provider or writer, I think we all know that regular posts are one of the ways to attracting new readers and encouraging regular visitors to visit/return-visit our blogs/websites.

Here comes a problem.. Whenever we post new content/entry on our blog, there aren't many ways of informing visitors/readers that its time to revisit your blog! But Zookoda is here to help. They would be able to assist you in "promoting" your new blog posts to your readers, thus "reminding" them to visit your blog for new contents! :)

Of cause, we can also try to create a mailing list on our own. But most bloggers do have a life you know! Who would have so much time in hand, to accept, verify and manage email-ing list? Therefore, Zookoda can assist you to take care of all email subscriptions.

All you have to do is just create a mailing list within Zookoda, add a subscription form and you're almost done! Paste Zookoda's dynamic scripts (Javascript) into your blog template and viola, your subscription form will appear immediately on your blog! Cool eh?

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