Sunday, July 13, 2008

Free Samples! Uglyfatchick Tried it, have you?

In case you have yet to notice, there's this little blue banner at the side of my blog.

Recently registered on this website which claimed to be Singapore's 1st Online Sampling Platform!

They send you FREE SAMPLES right to your door step!
Yes, the samples are free! You can just sign up and ask for them right away!
And you'll only need to pay a small delivery fee (for postage, packaging and labour) like $0.80 - $2.40 (depanding on the item(s) weight.)

Most of the samples are from very well-known brands!
Currently, they have brands like Nugeno, Nuteen, Bio Essence, Ginvera, Vichy Normaderm, Logona, Nivea, Sansho, Eucerin, Clean & Clear, Fennel, Maybelline, AMO, Summer's Eve, WITCH, T Zone, Asience, Alcon, Sensodyne, Listerine, Gatsby, Carefree, Covermark and Lioele!
As of now, there are 48 different samples up for grabs! Damn cool!

Who will love this website?
People who want to try a new product without buying the item.
People who really hate to go to the store to get a sample and get look down upon by impolite sales assistant.
People who are generally shy in nature to ask sales assistant for samples (that's me!).
People who are lazy to go all the way down just to get samples of a new product at the store.
People who are too busy to go out to get those samples.

As usual, if I didn't try it, I wouldn't recommend it.
Checked out 3 items and I only paid $1.60 for delivery.

Recevied the items in less than a week.

Free Stuffs! *grins*

After getting the stuffs, I write reviews and also do a couple of suverys to earn points so that I can redeem more free samples!

COMPLETE® EASY RUB™ Multi Purpose Solution
Rated: 4/5
Like: Quite comfortable
Dislike: Rubbing my lens
Main Review: So far so good. I've tried a few contact lens solution and this one's not too bad. I don't really like rubbing my lens, cause I fear that they will tear or something.. and my lens stick to my hand/fingers making it hard to rub/clean. Using this solution, my eyes don't feel very very dry even though I'm in an air-conditioned room the whole day.
Will I Buy It: Yes

BIO ESSENCE Skin White Revitalizing Exfoliator w PP
Rated: 2/5
Like: Skin feels smooth after washing it off.
Dislike: Doesn't work for me.
Main Review: I don't like it. Maybe it's all the good reviews I read, thus giving me super high hopes. Or maybe my skin is really that troublesome. I'm not sure about dead skin, but my blackheads are still there, and it somehow seems like it's getting worse. I'm not sure why. Maybe I've lousy skills or I didn't rub it the right way or something. Not sure if it's due to this product, I've got a huge pimple the same day after I used it. It could be my skin. But to admit, when I wash it off, my skin did feel smooth for a while. Doesn't mind getting it for free, but wouldn't be buying it. :P
Will I Buy It: No

Summer's eve Feminine Wash
Rated: 4/5
Like: Smells not bad, fresh and makes me feel comfortable.
Dislike: It's new to me.
Main Review: All girls should know about feminine hygiene products! I regret not knowing about these products earlier. I used to think it's for sick people. I know.. I'm like really dumb lah and no one ever taught me about female hygiene stuffs. Anyway, I love the cleansing wipes! Makes me feel more comfortable thus, more confident! :)
Will I Buy It: Yes

What are you waiting for?
Join now! :)

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