Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tour Vs Tourism : Will I give up?

I'm starting to save money again. Finally!
Although it's going really really slow, but at least it's better than me cutting into my savings right?

When I started working, I only wanted to save enough for an oversea trip.
But recently, I made a promise to myself and now I think I'll have to forgo the oversea trip and save harder for a private course.




I might have to work another year just to save enough for studies and that's not including the expenses incurred while I'm studying.

By the time I save enough to support my studies and my personal expenses for the period I'm studying, I might not be interested in studies anymore.

I don't know.
I'm feeling really confused now.
Really tired too.

I need money to study.
Will I be able to earn and save enough by year end?
Will I be able to control my spending?
Will I give up?
Can I still study?

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