Saturday, July 19, 2008

Come slap me!!!

only if you're famous like DY, XX...

The other day when I wrote an entry on Uglyfatchick applying for model free photoshoot, I was half afraid that Ice-Angel would be offended. Because there are people who can be a tard too sensitive and I'm not sure if she is the type.

I told Defector my concerns and then our discussion lead to me hoping for ice-angel to slap me (virtually/physically). No no. I end up hoping that XX, DY and ice-angel, slapping me together.
muahaha.. Power of 3. :p

Yes, I'm retarded.
Why would anyone in the right frame of mind would want other people to slap them?
Of coz I'm not sadistic, or am I??

Anyway, 1 simple reason.

If me, an ordinary person, kena slap by someone famous..
I'll suddenly become semi famous too! :p
Alright. Maybe semi famous for a short while.

Is the pain worth it?
Honestly, seeing so many people doing funny things on TV, just to get 15 seconds to 1 min of fame, maybe getting 1 tiny slap by someone quite famous, it's more worthy than making a fool of yourself on national TV.

Of cause I'll not be stupid until I go and post un-truth stuffs about them lah.
Then again.. I've never met any of them leh! Not even once!!! Hrmp.
've never met a famous blogger. :(

PS: Maybe none of the bloggers ever come across my blog before lah.
Don't say slap ah. Maybe they don't even want to bat an eyelash for me.
*shows super sad face*