Friday, July 25, 2008

Uglyfatchick kena Diarrhea again..

Totally Irrelevant Note: Recently updated (Wonders of Makeup)

Was down with diarrhea and fever. Pooed 5 times on Wednesday. Had charco pills and panadol ard 8plus. Ard 10plus, Hubby forced me to see doctor because the high fever got so bad that my head hurts, body aches and I felt really weak. Medical Leave yesterday, but people at work kept calling me. I was almost working from home. -.-

Today, I'm back at work. Still feeling a bit groggy from all those medication, but I figured, if I were to stay away from my office for one more day. I'll never complete all those urgent work.

Does anyone know what causes Diarrhea?
I keep getting it and it gets worse each time. :'(