Friday, July 25, 2008

I should be the Nivea girl loh!!!

The other day while looking for something in my pig sty packing my room, I decided to place some items together so that I can find them easier later and ta-da, I realised I have so many NIVEA stuffs!!!

All products brought on separate occasions except for the toner and moisturiser.

All these bought "sub-consciously".
Like if I run out of face cleanser, I go to places like NTUCs and Watsons to look for something to use and I normally don't have an idea what I want until I see it at the shop. :p

And sometimes, when I'm out shopping, I know I want to look for maybe a body lotion or something and I end up buying something from Nivea.

I'm so crazy? I know!! Hahas.

*This photo taken a few months back.*

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