Sunday, July 13, 2008

iCE ANGEL's photographer friends are looking for models.

From her blog.

If interested, please email to with your:
name, height, portfolio url, hourly rates and contact number.

For non-experienced girls who wants to try out some free photoshoots, can also email me at and i'll forward your email. Include your name, contact number, height, 3 face shots and at least 1 full body shot. Include your limitations like whether you can do bikini/lingerie, or only fashion. If my friends are interested, we'll contact you.

Did you see the words in bold red??

Yes, Free photoshoots!
Uglyfatchick want to be model also leh.
So she go and apply loh..

Non-experienced, below average and a bit troublesome. :P

Name: Christina (uglyfatchick)
Contact Number: ********
Height: 145 (in case you're looking for shorties like me. :p)
Limitations: I'm too stumpy/chubby to be in a bikini and I don't think you'll want to puke out your previous meal.
So, only fashion and if possible can I have the photos so that I can post on my blog. :p
Oh, and I'm only free on Sunday, Monday and Mornings(ends before 11am) for Tuesday to Saturday cause I've got work. And the other thing, I suck at doing make ups and dressing up so you probably need to think thrice before you contact me.

I've zero experience, just wanna try something new and have fun.
Somewhat average looking and definitely damn short, but I'm free! But if you're willing to pay me. I also don't mind. :p
And it'll be nice if the location for shoots are not too far away from the central/south area. Thanks. :P


(taken last year during dnd, that's the only full body shot of me.)

DSC03794s and DSC03784s (With a bit of makeup and contact lens)

DSC03784s (Act cute pose. :p)

(No makeup, wearing spectacles, used to scare people :p)


I am very serious about it.
Please don't take it as a joke and get angry at me.
If it seems like a joke, it's a joke on me. okay?
Oh, if I'm the one you're looking for, please don't hesitate to email me or something k?
Maybe one day I can really be a part time model and earn some pocket money. :p
Thanks! :)

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