Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Celebrated last week.
Because today (the actual day) both of us are really really busy... :p
Felt that I should write something meaningful to mark this day.
But I don't really know what to say leh. *scratch head* hahas.

4 years.
Say long not long.
Say short not short.
But smelly smelly also 1/5 (one fifth) of my life liao loh.
They say silly people got silly blessings, I guess it's true bah. :)

Met him in the weirdest way ever and felt loved from day one.
At last count, it's been 1460.5 days.

Of cause, not all's rainbows and beautiful sunsets.
Sometimes there were storms and earthquakes.
Like any other normal relationship, we had our fair share of pain and frustrations.
And there were times that things got so bad that we almost threw in the towel.

Anyway, back to the 4th Anniversary topic.
I didn't buy present for Mike. :p
I ran out of things to buy for him.
He didn't come up with anything creative/surprising but at least he gave me a present.
I gave him a rather lousy "surprise" which he act like it's not surprising at all leh. :(
Now I'm cracking my head on what to buy then wouldn't waste money and yet it'll be a meaningful gift...



  1. happy 4th anniversary, mike and shadajie!!

    seeing you two:
    - laugh together
    - shadajie cries while laughing and mike will cuddle her
    - siao together
    - quarrel b4
    - etc....

    all sort of emotions, seeing you two loving as b4, happy for you two lehs!!! hees!!!
    this couple also accompany me on alot of occasions, like bdaes and getherings.. haha!! shadajie should be glad that mike get along well with ur frenz ya?? haha!!

    anyway.... wedding de shi hou dun 4get me hors!!!! lols!!! stay happy always!!


  2. You have to be my jie mei okay!!! I got plan to torture all the guys. muahahaha...