Thursday, December 11, 2008

52nd Monthiversary + 12 days

I remember saying that we maybe wouldn't even last 3 days.

I remember the first time we met.
I remember you say you'll always remember the first time we met.

I remember all the times we spent at the void deck camwhoring. :p

I remember you waited outside school for me (and look at other xiao mei mei. -.-)
I remember the first time you dropby and my dad instantly knew you are my boyfriend even without me saying anything.

I remember dragging you to do the sticky nose pore thingy cause we both have "strawberry" nose.

I remember you surprised me with the tickets after school and we went to watch my first concert.

I remember my mum always give you more food. And she still does loh!
I remember the first time we had a quite serious fight was at Marina and you scolded me for shouting at you in public. RAW!!!
I remember how you followed me and walked me all the way home even though you're angry at me.

I remember looking at our past neoprints and realising that I've grown up and you laugh at me.

I remember how I complained all the time about my thick wavy hair and you brought me to Jean Yip to do my hair. And I remember I couldn't sleep that night because I'm so afraid that I'll lie on my hair and make it wavy again.

I remember you spent many nights doing up a puzzle for me. This puzzle appeared in a Taiwan Drama (恶作剧自刎) and I still have the screenshot of that scene.

I remember we're married in maplestory and I really don't have time to play now.

I remember my first paid makeover, you had slowly to take out all the pins from my hair that night.

I remember the times we spent helping out at your friend's newspaper stall and I love the closing shop part the most. :p

I remember our first trip to Malaysia together and I couldn't sleep almost all the nights cause I was overly worried all the time. But I enjoined all the snacking, ordering room service and watching tons of tv with you by my side. :)

I remember there's so many things happening at the same time all together in 2007 but you never give up. In fact I'm always the one giving up cause I'm very very tired.

I remember there was a point that we fight so badly that my friends didn't know what to do.
I remember the first & only time I see you drunk, I just had to stay by your side to take care of you.

I remember when we're in Thailand last Christmas, you woke me up in the middle of the night to propose to me.

I remember how you piggyback me all the way while looking for a cab after one of our rare clubbing night because my feet hurts after a whole day of wearing a pair of super high shoe at work and it broke. :(
I remember when you first got your current laptop, it comes with a webcam and I went crazy snapping photos.
I remember our first prawning trip and now I suddenly want to go prawning again. :p

I remember you always follow me to any outings, events, party that I want to go to.

I remember we made our first pair of customised Running shoes together.
I remember our first Zoo trip, you carried my backpack all the way so that I didn't need to carry a single thing.
I remember how you'll hug me everytime I cry like some madwoman.

I remember how friendly you are to all my friends. Alright, almost every single one loh.
I remember how anyone reacted when they know you smokes, because they've never seen you smoke when you're with me. I wanted to say I've never too. Until I remember you smoked during our Thailand trip leh!! lalala~

I remember you scolds me everytime because I stress up.

What you remember about me leh?


  1. Congratulations... that is impressive, over 4 years!!

  2. Aw...
    This is just too sweet!!!

    And you look prettier and prettier Christina! I bet Defector must be hunting for those fly trap to keep bees and flies off you.

  3. Young Werther: Thank You Thank You. :) I'm impressed with how he can tahan me so long also. :p

    Felicia: Argh.. Should have saved this for Valentines...

    Nonnie: I see bees and files I will run ah!! Scared scared.