Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First injection on my butt.

Yesterday woke up at 6am by really bad pain in tummy.
Diarrhea + vomiting + fever. Called hubby around 7 when I know I cannot tahan the pain and the pain don't look like it's going to go away. While waiting for him to reach my place, I was rolling around my bed in pain. It's so bad that you can't open your eyes kind of pain. Really very bad. :( After sometime my maid heard me and decide to bring me down to the clinic downstairs. But all the clinics around house area not open yet, had to go hospital. Hubby arrived just in time to bring me to SGH. Was at SGH's A&E from morning till noon. Spent the whole day waiting for Blood Test and Urine Test results.

And I missed Marketing lesson! Argh.. I'm so dead lah!!! I don't know what's going on le!

Plus I very upset today cannot go Birdpark ah! Supposed to go with Ber, Daddy Phua and Hubby de loh.. :'( don't know they had fun anot. :( Stupid tummy bully me when everyone having fun I have to stay at home. :(

Yesterday was my first time having the tube thingy on my inner arm there.. Very very pain ah! and also my first injection on my butt ah. Pain! :( A very scary experience. I was vomiting and vomiting. Every cup of water I drink also came out. Medication also vomit out.

I was so weak that when I come home, I kept sleeping on-off, on-off..
Now still having slight diarrhea and tummy pain. Not allowed to touch any ice-cream, milk, milo stuffs for quite sometime.. Chocolate also cannot eat ah! :(

So boys and girls, please take good care of your health ah.
Especially during rainy season, now hor.. Don't anyhow run in the rain ah..
If not you also like me poor thing cannot even eat chocolate or drink milo ah!!! :(

Totally love my hubby who look after me. Especially when I kept vomiting and he have to give me the paper bags, and help me throw also and push me in and out since I'm on wheelchair. Not sure if he'll continue be like that after marriage, but I'll remember 23 December 2008. How hubby looked after me without any grumbling.. Okay maybe he got grumble say he very hungry liao.. :p Since we both didn't eat a single thing until like 12+pm? Madness!!!

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