Saturday, December 6, 2008

No time and no money.

I'm freaking busy! and I don't know with what!
I've not started on my assignments and I've not compiled my notes for last week either.
I'm in deep trouble. argh.

Anyway since school started, there's not much time to watch shows le. :(
I've completed watching Miss no good last week. :)

Hot shot Completed.
Smiling Pasta Completed.
Miss no good Completed.
Pi Li MIT ep 5 (still showing)
Love or Bread ep 3 (still showing)

Went to collect our Standard Chartered Marathon stuffs today at Expo and end up buying far too many things at the Borders Holiday Fair & John Little Expo Sales. Why are there always so many sales when I'm almost broke???

Oh and I've just bought my textbooks and I'm so scared I wouldn't read them.
Now I've stick some post-its on my monitor reminding me to stop all computer activities and concentrate on my books! That's how pathetic I am. Need more self discipline! GRAWL!


  1. Stop blogging and go finish up your assignments! lol

  2. lols. I know I'm such a procastinator. :p