Sunday, December 28, 2008

Anyone heard of vitamins that give you good skin?

I was shopping with hubby yesterday (28 December 2008) and I came across this product that's supposedly for people who desire baby-smooth skin. Hmm. sounds like me eh? :p

Hubby bought a bottle of this for me to try. (DMG: SGD39.00)

I've just started taking them and hopefully by CNY, I'll have baby-smooth skin just like the winner of Sato Hakubi Gorgeous Skin Search Contest. She's pretty leh!

I know. I have really bad skin lah. haiz..

For more info you can go to Watson or Guardian to get their tiny booklet or you can also visit. There's also tablets for whitening. :)

Happy 53rd Monthinversary Hubby.


  1. Yup, B and D are the recommended ones...

    If you wanna go the full hog, look at selenium and zinc