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13th Pack of Free Samples review

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In my 13th Pack of free samples, there's 2 different BB Creams from BRTC, 1 sachet of Dermalogical Eye Repair and 1 tiny tube of Clinelle Moisture Booster. Must grab item of this pack would be the BB creams because there's 2 sachet for each type of BB cream.

I've never once bought BB creams even though I've tired quite a few types.
Since I started using All BB creams I have used are all free samples.
But I don't get everything to try though, most of the time I would try products that has more possitive reviews. :)

Title: Clinelle Moisture Booster
Rated: 2/5
Like: Easily absorbed.
Dislike: Sample is too little for us to see any result.
Main Review: I couldn't get much out from the small sample tube. Maybe because there's too little product thus making it very easy for the product to be absorbed bah. Not much effect for us to notice too. But there's one thing I like though. It's more lotion-y than cream-y thus making it less oily-feel as compared to many "rich" Moisture Booster products.
Will I Buy It: No

Title: Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair
Rated: 2/5
Like: Doesn't have too strong smell? & not too rich.
Dislike: Expensive! Didn't see much effect.
Main Review: First of all, currently I am not willing and also not that rich enough to spend almost $100 on 15ml of eye-cream! It's too expensive and after using the sample for a couple of times, I don't really see any effect. :( The only plus point is that it's doesn't have a strong smell and it's not overly creamy, so it didn't cause irritation on my very sensitive eye area.. For me, the sample size amount was enough for a few applications. :)
Will I Buy It: No

Title: BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream SPF30 PA
Rated: 3/5
Like: SPF and it's not too thick.
Dislike: Average coverage, a bit expensive to me.
Main Review: This BB Cream is quite good, it's better than most of those that I've tried. It's not too thick thus it's quite easy to apply, I actually quite like it. Coverage is so-so only, can't cover my panda eyes, some old scars and those red red stuffs under my skin. :( Smell wise it's acceptable. It's not overly-oily too. Not too bad for a BB Cream. Price wise, it's a little bit expensive. :(
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: BRTC Protect Multiplex Balm BB Cream SPF20 PA++
Rated: 4/5
Like: SPF, not bad coverage
Dislike: Expensive
Main Review: This BB Cream is not too bad. It's a little thicker as compared to the Jasmine Water BB Cream from the same brand, thus making it a tiny bit more difficult to spread. I've read review that says Jasmine Water has a lighter tone but I personally find that Multiplex's tone is a bit lighter. I guess it really depands on when we use it bah, best it's to grab both to try it for yourself. :)
Coverage is not too bad, can't hide all my problems but so does almost every other product on the shelf. :( Smell wise it doesn't smell as nice as Jasmine Water but of cause it doesn't stink lah, acceptable smell loh. Most reviews also says that it's not oily. I would say yes it's NOT Overly-oily but I personally feel that BB Creams on the whole are still somewhat oily de loh. The Whitening effects are not really visible maybe the product have to be used for over longer period of time before the effects are visible bah. Don't get me wrong, I still think this BB cream is not too bad overall but maybe I'm just not used to paying too much for cosmetics. :p

Will I Buy It: Maybe

Grab those samples here and after you've tried and if you really like it, can put it into your christmas wishlist. :p

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