Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another medal. :)

The first person I showed my medal to is mummy. Cause without her I would have missed the race. Yes I overslept a little cause I was too excited the night before. :p
End up took cab down and have to walk long distance again to leave my bag somewhere and walk long distance back to the starting line, I was sweating even before I reach the starting line. -.-''

This year a lot of people joined, think about 2k more people in the 10km women category.
There were a lot more water stations, but a lot less people cheering.
I would say this year's "volunteers" are not as enthusiastic as the previous year's.

Last year there were bands and a lot of people cheering, this year I saw many of them hiding from the sun and the number of people whom I hear cheering could be counted with my 2 hands. Yes, it's that pathetic. Maybe it's the weather or they were being dragged there to "work". Haiz..

2007, I trained very little, was sick on the day itself and I finish the race in 1h:20m:24s.
2008, I didn't train at all, in fact didn't even run at all for the whole year and on the day itself finish the race in 1h:27m:11s.

These timing are really lousy cause I have 50 year old grannies finishing 10-15mins before me! I'm 20 year old but I run so slow!!! so paiseh.. :p

Anyone interested to run next year? :)
10km, 21km?


  1. Well done, medal looks big enough to be a coffee mat :)

  2. lols. if use to throw at thief's head don't know if the theif will faint. :p