Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 CNY photos..

Anyone realised I don't often blog about Chinese New Year?
Cause in some weird way I always look stupid during CNY. It's either my make up or my dressing or something. Anyway just when I thought since I didn't take many photos during this year's CNY, I thought no photos will surface..

My Aunt went to develop those photos she took and I just receive some of them. ARGH!!! My *pancake face pizza face!!!

*Please note, Ms King has taken this name liao, so I'm forced to change to another name..

Hubby and I visiting my great grand mother and I look freaking FAT and UGLY here!!!

Honestly, can my eyes get any smaller???

I seriously don't know what's wrong with my hair. -.-

I'm sure, I'm going to look weird again in 2009. haiz..


  1. Excuse me miss.
    "Pancake face" had already been registered by me. You cannot use it liao. =p

    Somemore.. you where got "pancake"! Become more and more chio liao don't complain. Hahhahaa.

  2. okay loh. I change to pizza face. I take pizza, you take pancake.

    My grandmother also say I fat loh! haiz..