Sunday, December 21, 2008

Unhappy with skinnies order handler.

Tons of stuffs to update..

18th - Dinner with Sis and Daddy Phua.
19th - FLH Concert.
20th - Xmas Party.
Been really busy the past few days, will update when I'm a bit "free-er" cause there's lots more events to come...

Anyway I'm in quite bad mood ah.
Received some of my over the net purchases and a lot of them aren't in very good condition. Arggh.. I hate those dishonest sellers ah. Especially those tell you brand new de but actually used before de. Or those give their item an rating of 10/10 or 9/10 but actually maybe at most 4/10, 5/10 that kind ah. grrr... There's this one seller who pissed me off quite bad, I'm emailing her to complain about some of my unhappiness and giving her a chance to "redeem" herself, if she doesn't handle it carefully, I'm so going to rant out here together with photos and website address! I AM ANGRY. grrr..

Just last week, I finally got my skinnies, but I'm super unhappy!

First off, she increased the price suddenly, but I accepted it since it's still relatively cheaper than what's the outside shops are selling at.

Then the handler didn't update the status of the order on her blog for quite sometime, so I email her to check if I can get my stuffs. She ask me where do we meet up when I have already told her and paid together with my stuffs, for meeting up at the location. I decide to be nice and inform her it's at Harbour Front MRT, I even ask her to sms me so that we can arrange it earlier. But she didn't get back to me by email or sms.

I'm tired waiting for her reply, so I've decided to sms her instead. Then I check with her if we can meet up at 1pm on 18th since my class ends at 12 and it only takes about 30-45mins for me to reach our meeting place from school. She ask me to pay extra $3 for the meet up. Then when I told her I've already paid $2.50 when I first paid the full amount, she say she's playing game and will get back to me. Then she sms-ed me at around 4.38am in the morning saying we'll meet at 1pm the next day which I'm not sure she's talking about 18th or 19th.

I sms-ed her checking with her for confirmation but she didn't reply. After school, I called her a few times and she didn't pick up. When I reach our meeting venue she sms-ed me saying she got pms cramp lah, so cannot make it and I ask to meet another day. I decide that no point getting angry and told her we'll meet the next day at the same time, since my class starts at 2pm that day. She didn't reply my message.

At 2.29am, she smsed me asking me if I can meet her at 1.45pm instead.
I told her no, it have to be before 1.20pm cause I have lesson 2pm. She ask me if she can reach in time if she leave Sengkang at 1pm. Of cause the answer is no, so I replied I don't think so. She then replied saying that she's meeting someone at Sengkang at 1pm and if I can wait for her, (at this point I'm beginning to feel damn irritated, cause I don't understand which part of I can't she don't understand???) So I replied, Can't if not I'll be really late for class. Then she didn't reply until 2.41am, she say okay, den she'll meet me around 1.15pm there. I thought maybe she've managed to pushed the earlier meeting earlier or something..

I'm afraid I'll be late, cabbed down to meet her but when I smsed her at 1.10pm she says she's on her way, asked me where do we meet and said that she's not coming out of the station. I replied that I'll meet her near the control station's near the exit there then. I guess I was a tiny bit early, so I decide to go cheers to buy a bottle of drink.. I smsed her asking where is she and she didn't reply me. I finished the whole bottle and she's yet to be found. Just when I'm about to sms her she replied me at 1.22pm that she's at Little India. I'm very very pissed because we're supposed to be meeting at 1.15 and I've already told her that I can only wait till 1.20pm because I'll be late for lesson! I ask her what time will she reach, informing her in case she got no super Short Term Memory that I'm late for school already.. At 1.28pm I received her sms asking me what time is it. She tell me her time says its 13.15pm. She ask me if she clock is slower by a lot? She say sorry! and ask me to tell her asap if my jeans cannot fit cause most of her customer cannot fit. -.-
When I reply her to tell her that it's 1.29pm (MRT's time) and that I'm super late. She replied with omg, she left 2 stops and where's my class at.. blah blah blah. By this time I'm, very very very pissed. Cause to me it doesn't matter where I study what it matters is she is very late and have a very lame de excuse!

You know there are many sellers/handlers with those stupid rules like if you're late for meetup you have to pay a some of money? In her T&C there's this line that states that $3 will be charged if I'm late for 15mins and extra $1 will be charged for every 5mins. She's late for 20mins, does that means she owe me $4? I'm not interested in the $4 really. But because that she's late I have to run up to take a cab down in order not to be too late. Including the cab fee, the skinnies became super expensive to me. Then also if I'm 15mins late for class, my attendance will be marked as zero and I'll have less than 90% of attendance and I'll not be able to take exams which means I'm wasting $5.5K!!! She nearly make me lost 5.5k okay!!!

Now can you see why I'm so angry???
I'm angry because she gave me so much problems and also thinks I'm stupid.
Argh. whatever.

If you're interested to know who she is, just leave a comment and I'll reply your comment. :)
PS: Some of you might know who I'm talking about already. Please, buy at your own risk hor.. don't say I didn't warn ya..


  1. Ohhh... you poor, poor girl. What's a girl to do with dishonest sellers eh?

    I only buy from shops, can return after using (once)...


  2. wah..why this person so bad.. *shake head*