Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas is everywhere...

A lot of photos waiting to be posted. Went out with my friends today since Hubby is working... And I love love love my Sha Xiaomei and JS ah! They so sweet to accompany me for the afternoon until 3pm. And we take neoprints! First time 3 of us take together. :)

Oh and I overspent again today ah. Finally found the hair mask I use last time.. And then I buy Christmas song CD then also cause I went for free makeover after meeting 2 of them and then I feel like I have to buy the eye shadow brush and the eyebrow brush and colour cause she make my eyes very pretty leh. Show you all in another post. :P

Suntec City Mall..

Chinatown Point..

That's before the run.. and I look FAT ah!!!

Know where's this?

Chandelier :)

and EVIAN bottles..

Yups, it's at Central. :)

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