Monday, December 15, 2008

My first Christmas Present from Hubby.

Theoretically this isn't the first Christmas present for this year, cause he gave me something else.. but this present was promised to me very long time ago mah.. So I count it as first loh. :p

I got to choose my own Christmas Present this year! :)
After some consideration, I decide to go for the Motorola V9..
The past couple of months I was looking at phones from another brand.. Searching high and low for my perfect phone.. but just can't find it. End up I decided to get this phone simply because I wanted to try a new brand. :p

They didn't have stock for V9 in Rose Gold, so I decide to just settle with this Bronze colour, and I might get it decorated, masked or something when I have the money...

With the voucher, hubby only paid $38. Sound like cheapo right? But at least he's not as cheapo as me, to give him what we won as Christmas present. Hee.. But I got give him other stuffs de loh.. But those stuffs I think not that important to him bah..

Yesterday morning, before I left home I realised my Christmas present is the same colour as my wallet leh! I'm actually not a big fan of bronze colour but now 2 quite important items in my life is bronze colour de. hahas. weird..

Next post will be my Christmas and CNY Presents for myself. :p
Yes presents I bought for myself.. Like no friends like that. -.-

I just notice another weird thing..
I didn't write Christmas wishlist this year leh!!
I guess I've already got almost everything that I wanted and even more. ;)

But if you have no idea what to give me for Christmas, you can give me shopping or movie vouchers! or give me cash I would also accept. I accept hugs from girls too. Now times are bad. If one person give me $5, 2 person give me, I'll have $10. If 10 person give me, I'll have $50 leh! So much better than giving me a present I no use for it one right? :p

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