Thursday, December 25, 2008

19th December 2008 (Fei Lun Hai's Concert)

I can finally understand why some people hate me so much..
A friend of hubby got us a pair of complimentary tickets to Fahrenheit's Fantasy World Tour.
Yes, I got to see my 大东 and Aaron. So CUTE!!!!

There are many people who got their tickets from signing new phone line plan or something but I got mine totally free lahs. No need to sign phone line/plan de.. hee..

I actually asked hubby not to buy the (SGD171 each) tickets and wait for news from his friend instead cause I love free tickets! :p His friend couldn't confirm if we have the tickets till a very late date, but I didn't care lah.. I believe if I don't get it, then I got no fate to see those boys loh. :( And our luck quite good cause after we reach stadium, our seats got upgraded! If not I can only see ants. :p FYI, that night I get to see giant ants! :p

Poor hubby haven slept for many nights.
I've got a Jiro fan and a Wu Zun fan, I'm looking for a Aaron fan. Anyone selling or giving away? :)

Collage-d the photos cause I'm lazy to edit them one by one.
Plus the quality sucks lah cause I am so far away and my camera + my skill not very good leh..
Both collages are click-able. :)

Before the concert starts.

During the concert.

No photos after the concert, cause I was a bit tired liao..
From Singapore Indoor Stadium we walked until some market to have a super late dinner.
Poor hubby have to bring me here, bring me there.. :p
*muackz hubby*

This is our second concert. :)

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