Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas & CNY Presents for myself. :)

All because of all those sales lah!!
Make me overspent on presents for myself. -.-

Present 1: X'mas Online Private Sale (DMG: $57.92) includes free Registered Mail.

Pretty Box. :)

That's everything inside. :)

1 Super Glitter Eyeliner, 1 Glitter eye Shadow, 1 Lip Essence & 1 Quick Lash Curler.
Is it obvious that these items are bought specially for CNY? :p

These are FREE!!! I'm in love with the little pink heart pouch.
Anyone wants the free lip balm? I won the same one not too long ago.. So no this one is extra leh..

Present 2: X'mas Online Private Sale (DMG: $53.52) includes free Registered Mail.

Everything wrapped up. :)

Everything in the box. :)

I bought 1 Lip Gloss, 6 Eye Shadow and 1 Wild Rose Hands & Nail Creme $18.

These are FREE! :) Don't you love Freebies too? But I do prefer the free stuffs in pack 1 though..

Present 3: Cosmetics and Perfume Sale (DMG: $8.00)

Pretty right? This Paul and Joe Nail Polish cost $22 at retail store but I got it at a sale at $8. Muahahaha.. So happy lah. Yes, it's for CNY also. :)

Total Damage: $119.44!!!

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