Tuesday, December 2, 2008

JS's Chalet Gathering November 2008 (Part 2: Photos from Ah Ber & Mandy's camera).

Second day of school and I'm beginning to feel tired already. argh.
Stuffs that happen on the first day shall not be blogged about because it says I'm STUPID all over. -.-

On Tuesday morning as I ate breakfast at home, I was so scared that I would be late and I had to take cab and I met a super grumpy taxi driver. Normally once I get into a cab, I'll try to see if the driver is Mandarin speaking or English speaking and I'll speak to him in what I think he's more comfortable with. I spoke to this Chinese uncle in mandarin except when I tell him the address I told him in English simply because I don't know the Chinese road name???

Then he started to throw black face, drove off really slowly and started scolding me. -.-
He ask me why I'm speaking in Mandarin? and I replied that I'm used to speaking Mandarin to Taxi Drivers (which is not wrong because I met a lot of Mandarin speaking taxi drivers.). And then he begin to scold me. Say what it's not right to be "used to" and what people nowadays don't know how to use their mother tongue. -.- Wah lao, super irritating loh. I don't know why is he scolding me??? I spoke in my mother tongue and I get scolded for not speaking in my mother tongue??? Stupid cab driver. Spoilt my mood!!!

Alright, back to the photos...
there's so many photos that I've simply no time to work on them individually.
So I made collages just to save space and time!

Photos from Mandy's very prettily decorated Canon Camera first. :)

We were snapping none stop sia!!! and I look funny in all the photos. :(

Jumping shots were fun, but I look horrendous. -.-

IQF/S November 2008 Gathering only 6 people turned up! lols.

Sha JieMeis with Kenrick, Me with Xinying & Me with Mandy.

That's all from Mandy's Camera, the rest from here onwards are all from Sha Xiao Mei's Sony Camera.. :)

Sha JieMeis with Christmas tree & Merry-Go-Round and Sha JieMeis with the Ferris wheel.

The "super special" photos taken outside the washroom. :p
We are very clean people, so our washroom also very clean de hor!
That's why we all still can smile until so happy. :p

JS and his 21st Birthday Cake. :)

Plain popcorn.

Me loves group photos, even though I always look like a happy retard when I'm with them..
Well, at least I'm HAPPY! *muackz*

That's all for now, I need to go rest, class starts early tomorrow.

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