Friday, August 1, 2008

My Chinese Name Chop/Stamp

1-2 weeks back, Hubby and I was walking around orchard..
We walked by an area we seldom walk pass, and saw these interesting stuffs on display.

Really beautiful. :)

We decide to do a name stamp each.
The cheapest is around S$25 each but we end up choosing the medium sized ones around S$30 each.. Then hubby decides we should get the ink stamp and box too. Another $5 each.
Total spent $70! Ouch! :p

The uncle has this book with lots of Chinese names and the names in olden days Chinese words.
It's damn cool lah. Hubby kept "playing" with it. Me? I just take photos. :p

This is the Chinese uncle. He's very funny.
He kept saying my Chinese name is very beautiful.

Upclose photo, think is taken by hubby.
Uncle hard at work.

Hand making stuffs not easy loh..

Here's a clearer photo.

Anyway, here's my stamp/chop.
I love it lots! Didn't take a photo of hubby's cause his stamp/chop was done after mine and after we collect, we go off le.. So I didn't take photo loh. :p

Dragon stamp. The white paper with red ink is how the stamp/chop would look like when stamped. Pretty hor??

This stall is located just in front of Orchard Le Meridien Singapore Hotel And Shopping Arcade Centre. It's quite near the Istana.

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