Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bad hair day on a Sunday?

I've been spending most of my time going out with friends.

I have wasted spent too much time.
and not to mention... MONEY!
This holiday, I feel a little suffocated.

Time is running out.
I have done nothing.

Zero accomplishment.
Zero work done.
Zero satisfaction.

I dare to predict.
I foresees,
I ask my imaginary friend,
and confirmed that

I'm going to fail O levels this time round.


Was supposed to play badminton with Ting & Yim today.
She couldn't get the court and we end up meeting at 2.30 for lunch buffet.
Jap food. Suki at cine there. the level 4 one.
I thought the food was quite bad.
Or maybe I didn't have appetite after seeing how lovely dopey they are.

I didn't enjoy the fish & I suffered tummy aches.
While eating..
We chatted.
until we felt like leaving the place as it's fucking rather cold.
I was glad sad to leave that place.

We went to walk around town.
Mainly "combed" FEP.
I'm broke. Didn't buy much accept for a bottle of mineral water & this clip on hair extension.
The seventeen card allows me to get 10% off total bill at NEW ZEALAND NATURAL (the ice cream?). Cool. haha.

Went to This Fashion.
My affair with THIS FASHION has been a tough ride.
I once loved it. Den started to loof it. and now, suddenly.
I start to like a couple of stuffs I see there. Yippee. :)
And I think I can give my friend a new look as her birthday present.

Ting, like most women, has a problem.
She wants a change in her "look",
to appear more fresh and full of energy (youth.)
However, She is afraid that the "outcome" would turn out disastrous.

After knowing Ting for so long, I knew what is needed to achieve the result she wants.
However, I also know how stubborn she is.
For today.
I choose many outfits that will bring out the best in her.
yet she refused to try them.
Yim is a straightforward guy. He notices my effort in trying. He agrees with the clothes I've picked for her. And I decide to probably get a set that will change her life.
Maybe armed with self designed accessories to match.

If possible.
Let her either throw away that jerk boyfriend or let the jerk boyfriend realise she's a keeper.
and he MUST treat her well.

Ting believes in herself a lot. Seldom believes what others tell her. I hope she would make the first step by trusting me & Yim. I'm not even sure if she'll get to read this.

BTW, I am afraid of creating the wrong look for myself.
I was as stubborn as Ting and like any other women, I fear.
I'm short. VERY short. Ting is taller. That's her advantage.

I fear allowing others to touch my hair.
I fear making the wrong purchase.
I fear becoming a fashion victim.
I fear looking too sloppy.
I fear looking too up tight.
I fear looking too loose.
and so many more..

I took my first step by believing in myself and accepting others opinion/criticism.
I read magazines to get ideas of what works best for people of different shapes/size.
I get inspiration from other people's style of dressing.

I look for clothes that fits well.
(I hate those shops that "cheat" ppl by clipping or pining the clothes. :()

Today, I have bad hair day.
and I hate it!

Tomorrow will be a better day. :)

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