Thursday, October 20, 2005

Have had enough?

The poor gets poorer.
The rich gets richer.

Poor naive people get bullied by cunning people.
yet no justice is done.

This is when I start scolding all the vulgarities.

I've said it many times before.
Untill now, I still dun really trust police.

As in, I dun understand how they work.

A friend (lets call her S), told me she tried to call the police (triple 9)
and the phone number was not in use.

About 1-2 years back, someone I knew got "touched" by some idiot in the swimming pool.
They found that guy, and report to police.
They were in the police post for many hours.
In the end? that guy was let off.
(??? huh??? but why?)

Someone told me, there was a case, a girl was raped and the rapist was not charged.
I didn't see that report myself. So I have no comments lah.

Many many years back, a very distant relative of mine, got robbed by some teenagers.
They were NOT charged.
My very distant relative whom I have no idea of it's sexualitiy, was told to charge the kids, itself through a lawyer?
Furthermore. somehow this case was reported on the newspaper. And the facts were twisted!!!
My relative's name was tarnised lah. It, nearly lost it's job.
That's all I know lah.

So angry right?
But police cannot charge people one meh?
I duno got this thingy leh..
Anyone can explain these?

Now, I'm quite dissapointed with those men in blue lah.

I've only reported once about my donation tix going missing. that's all.

There was once, I wana be a policewomen. Because I want to know how they work lah.

Okay lah. enough of grumbling,
I'm going to see the dentist later. :(

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