Tuesday, October 18, 2005

one lazy day past. another busy day coming.

I'm such a pig. sleep & eat only.
Oh.. cannot say that I'm a pig.. cause disgrace them...
Aiya, typical uglyfatchick lah.. forever so lazy one..

Tomorrow is AGF (Accounting) exam. 60%.
Major leh... haiz...

After exams, got to rush home to meet Mommy Lynn.
She's going to pamper me with manicure or is it pedi? or both?
oh.. whatever.. even if it's just seeing her, I'm happy already lah.

She's going to come over.. I better wash my hands and feet with lots of soap. scrub them really hard so they are sparkling clean & smell nice.. :)

After that, maybe go out to shop...
She wanna get some nail stuffs I think.
Me? I wanna check out A LOT of things..
Every-time I'm with her I have the tendency to spend spend spend.
Time is bad.. I need to spend wisely.

Ting never reply my message.. Hope she's okay..

I guess that's all for today.

(I had a weird dream yesterday... I dreamt I was good friends with XiaXue.. hahaha.. weird? yeah..)

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