Thursday, October 27, 2005

IF only IF only IF only.

If only I'm rich.
If only I'm pretty.
If only I have friends.
If only he has more time for me.

If only everyone need not suffer anymore.
If only time will stand till.
If only I can grow up faster.
If only there's world peace.

If only the poor can be rich.
If only lies become the truth.
If only there's understanding.
If only If only If only.

Foul mood for the pass few days.

Today, is better.
Receive my nail polish. :)

Original price for each bottle is about 5.90SGD or 6.90SGD.
I bought the orange one at about 2.50SGD (include postage to my house.)
The other four bottles, cost me 14.50SGD (includes reg postage to my house.)

If I bought them at the stores it'll cost me roughly 30+SGD.
I paid 17SGD for them to be sent to my house. :)

I bought many other things too lah.
This holidays, I've spend so much money, I feel like killing myself ya know?
I have to sell away some stuffs which I bought on impulse.
Esp the Capri pants. :( [doesn't fit me lah..]
Now I'm waiting for darling to come back.

Period coming..
& I'm starting to feel lost again.

Hates it.

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