Friday, October 14, 2005

I'm so freaking tired lah

The air-con man is here to fix the bloody weak air-con. (duh~ of coz air-con lah..)

Talking about bloody weak. I think my air-con behaves like me..
I'm Bloody lazy. :p

Anyway, I can't start any real work until tomorrow..
& I have to meet some buyer tomorrow ard 5pm. Selling those bead bracelets I've made.
$1 each set of bracelet + earrings. :)
Selling only 5sets. I dun make money of out it really.
I've made 2 necklace.. wonders if anyone would buy.. hmm..

Why got so many things???
How to hit my target for O levels? :(

Monday out.
(cause I have ITE exam & it's family day.)
Wendesday out.
(ITE exam & meeting Lynn to do my nails! :) and mayb go shopping too?)
Friday also out.
(dentist!!!! :()

Blah Blah Blah.
Why the air-con man take so long?
clean the air-con need so long meh? :(
I'm so sian arh!!! :(

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