Monday, October 24, 2005

Xia Xue kena attacked.

this is so unfair.
Xia Xue's most recent post: Before we take credibility for his words, we must first question his motives.

I pity voxy.
They will lose many many potential customers.
(me included.)
Stopping the endorsement because of a couple of emails does not make them look good at all.
In fact, I'm pretty sure, many teenagers who are hoping to have their nails done at voxy during the school holidays, would have changed their minds.

I say it's a bad move.

It's not like Xia Xue changed into another person suddenly.
Xia Xue is still Xia Xue.
& I like her pretty hair, nails and sense of humour.

From day 1, when they got her to endorse their service, they knew how she is.
and they do know of those many proclaimed XX-haters.
(some of these "proclaimed xx-haters", are secret fans of hers.)
[They are too shy to admit that they like Xiaxue.. :)]

If another company steps in now to hire Xia Xue.
That company would have instant good image.

Voxy created the image that they are very image conscious.
As a potential customer, I see them as a company who would choose to serve only the better well-off. If I were to wear my old clothes there, they might even ask me to away.

The new company who shows XiaXue that they support her even in this time of "difficulties" for her. Is actually telling the world that they,
provide services/products to normal people with flaws.
They, provide great understanding to their "customers".
Doesn't care about if you are from middle-class family, if you're a ah lian or just another teenage schoolgirl.

2 different image.
If I have the money, I would go do my hair at Kimage & buy the tees from Loacalbrand.
They are the ones who didn't fringe when ppl starts questioning their choice of ambassadors.

I salute them. :)

And to those who attacked Wendy's income.
I feel so ashamed to be called a human being.
If aliens can see our every move, they would be laughing till their antennas drop off now. :P

(it's freaking 4.20am now.)


  1. Cheers.
    I think your comment/post has a lot of depth and has been well-thought. I definitely agree with your points.

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  3. Cool! I was thinking about getting it.. Thanks! :)