Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Singapore's weather is BAD BAD BAD...

It's so hot that I thought I would turn brown once I step out of any shelter.

Wonder if the weather is affected by this...

XiaXue!!! So chio hor?
& she look really nice with any hairstyle loh..
Think she's too hot, so weather got affected, that's why so hot also.

(Alright,I know I'm lame.. Throw snowballs at me...)

I have not been sleep well, all beacuse...

Mummy changed my bed sheet. :(

NEW one somemore.. :(
I hate new bed sheets. They are like school uniforms!

& they come with matching covers for Pillows!

Since I am already on bed,
I decide to take something special...
So that when I see darling, I can show him..



My wonderful babies. :)
hahaha.. what were you thinking?

Yes, I decide to show the world, I just got this. :)

Papamike am supposed to dye my hair again when he comes back.
He should be back on 31st Oct.

I'm waiting leh...

Oh! Did anyone told you I'm sucker for raw Salmon fish?

I just love the way it melts in my mouth.
It's sad that it's rather expensive. :(

I wanna save a lot of money..
So that when Darling comes back, We can go eat! :)
At the fish market!!!



  1. XiaXue is not cute on these pics... I'd prefer to eat your yummy salmon sashimi ;)